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MaterialSource is a universal material platform in which the complete lifecycle of a material receives a 360° evaluation from scientists, manufacturers and consumers. This involves its raw materials, its usage, and its recycling options. A computer, an iPhone or an iPad are the different vehicles you can use to navigate through MaterialSource.

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Feel like sharing your ideas, feelings, knowledge, and images on the sustainable materials that have crossed your path? On a platform designed for computer, iPhone and iPad, tailored to your needs of the moment? Than join the MaterialSource community. Signing up is easy and completely free!

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MaterialSpace is a physical environment where visitors can encounter kindred spirits, where they can touch and compare hundreds of materials. It is equipped with iPads allowing for fast and easy access to the MaterialSource platform. This unique space is highly mobile, lightweight and ecologically designed. Its atmosphere – created by LED mood lighting and vibrant screen projections – is one of peace and open-mindedness.

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For iPad and iPhone

MaterialSource believes that information on materials should be accessible and shared anytime, anywhere.

That is why you can explore our comprehensive materials platform on your iPhone and iPad as well. And play an active part in our MaterialSource community no matter when or where you find yourself on this planet.

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MaterialSource is dedicated to encouraging the dialogue between consumers, scientists and manufacturers on all aspects of any material you can think of.

If you enjoy using our applications and believe in our mission, please consider making a donation.

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MaterialSource can count on the support of different players from various industries.

They are the Friends of MaterialSource.

Because they share our philosophy and back our initiative to the fullest, we have reserved a special spot for them on our platform.

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